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San Carlos de Bariloche

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Practice your Spanish and explore San Carlos de Bariloche while learning about the History of Patagonia in a tailor-made 55 minutes livestream session with an Architect, Art and Spanish teacher. Visit some of the most iconic buidings and monuments and learn about the History events that took place in this remote area. Once the home of indigenous, this small town is today the gateway of Patagonia and a Must do for all travellers and outdoor sports lovers. The picturesque village stretches along the banks of the beautiful lake Nahuel Huapi in a privileged location in Northwest Patagonia, inside a huge National Park also called Nahuel Huapi in the foothills of the Andes. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes the area offers majestic landscapes and breathtaking views. It is also famous for having the best chocolate and for being the home of the biggest ski resort in Southamerica. 

These sessions are available in English and can be tailor-made for all Spanish levels.

Find out why this remote, wild, magical and misterious land has been always so captivating.

Learn about the reasons for the fundation of the second National Park after Yellowstone.

Explore the lands Theodore Roosevelt, Butch Cassidy and Che Guevara found worth the trouble!

Get to know the unique cinnamon colour species that inspired Walt Disney's Bambi´s movie house.

 La Montana Learn Spanish and Culture in Bariloche

La Montana Spanish in Bariloche is the leading Spanish Language and Culture Immersion Programs Center in Patagonia, with long traditions and experience. Providing the best language training and cultural experience in Patagonia the Cultural Centre is legally constituted since 2002 and it is working all year round in permanent premises for people of all backgrounds, ages and levels, from all over the world.
School Director and founder for La Montana, MArch, Verónica Leone convinced that a culture and its language is the best way to learn and get to know a country and its people, has printed the unique characteritics for these programs, making sure that the language learning provides an interesting and appealing cultural immersive frame. As a result, all the programs offered at La Montana have been rated with 5 stars reviews from customers.
After almost 20 years all this experience gained is now available livestream online.


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Moving to a new country is one of the most enriching experiences any family will encounter.
Setting up in Argentina presents its own set of unique opportunities and challenges. Making
the move with the deep support of locals who well-understand all of the unique issues you
may encounter can ensure the transition is a positive one.
Bariloche is undoubtedly one of the best towns for a sabbatical in Patagonia. Since 2002,
leading Argentinian language school, La Montaña has supported families looking to spend
gap or sabbatical years in this quiet, safe and nature-filed environment. In addition to our
highly-regarded Spanish lessons, our team has developed specialist skills in helping families
in all aspects of making the move to Argentina.
La Montaña has earned its reputation for excellence thanks to our technical abilities, but also
the genuine connection we make with each of the families we encounter. We love our region
and have a genuine desire to see you happily established and able to enjoy all of its many
benefits just as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Our relocation staff have long experience of living and working both in Argentina and in
countries around the world. It is our ability to bridge the gap between your home culture and
the infrastructure and services available in Bariloche which has earned our team a loyal client
following over the years.
Our team has the all-important local knowledge you will require, including vast practical
experience in all aspects of daily life, legal and financial challenges, and a raft of
considerations which are entirely unique to our beautiful region.
If you are thinking about moving to Argentina with kids, or planning to spend some time in
Patagonia with your family from a few months to a few years, La Montaña can help with
every aspect of relocation, from planning, to transition, to enjoying your new life here:

Shorter Stays

La Montaña helps select the best housing option for you and your family, providing local
knowledge in relation to a wide range of furnished, fully-equipped mid-term rental
accommodation options. This includes handling all aspects of setting up utilities such as
electricity, gas, internet, TV, local home phone, and more. Our careful preparation ahead of
time means you can go straight from the airport to your own place on arrival.

Longer Stays

For those looking to spend longer periods in Argentina, La Montaña helps to select the best
home for you and your family, according to your criteria and budget. This includes location
selection, visits and handling all of the practical arrangements associated with moving to a
new home. As locals, we make it our job to share all of the pros and cons of each potential
home and its immediate area so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are making the
right choices. We assist with lease negotiations as well as being present during the signing of
the leases, acting as both interpreters and advisors. We also provide walk-through and
inventory assistance.

Great Schools

One of the things that families find most challenging when making the move to Bariloche is
finding the right school for their children. Argentina has a unique educational programme
which can often cause confusion for incoming families. While bi-lingual schools may seem
like the logical best option, our team is at hand to ensure your children receive the very best
education during their time in Patagonia. La Montaña provides a tailor-made analysis of the
background and interests of each family, giving a range of the most appropriate options. We
accompany school visits, make on-line appointments with school faculties and administrations
and handle all of the practical aspects of ensuring a hassle-free transition for your kids. We
also accompany families to on-line and in-person interviews and handle all aspects of the
(often complex) registration process.

Understanding Patagonia

Key to a smooth transition is understanding the unique culture of both Argentina as a whole
and Patagonia in particular. You will have the support of our experienced team of locals,
each of whom has vast experience in helping incomers as they adapt to their new
environment. We offer the best advice for daily life; dealing with culture shock; verbal and
non-verbal communication styles, including virtual communication; working with locals
(management style, decision-making, and more). We also provide a brief overview of the
history, geography and political systems in place in our country and help you understand
Argentine habits and unspoken rules. Our workshops can be attended on-line before arrival or
in situ.

Market-Leaders in Translation & Interpretation

La Montaña brings you the benefit of one of the most experienced bi-lingual teams of
interpreters in our region. We can handle the full range of official and informal translations
and in-person interpretation needs. Our deep knowledge of the myriad local regulations is
also particularly helpful to incomers and includes tips and advice on getting things done
efficiently and effectively to the highest standard.

Learn Before You Travel

The more Spanish you and your family know before you get to Bariloche, the better.
Argentina is one of the few countries in South America where many people speak at least a
little English. However, you cannot rely only on English if you are making the move to
Patagonia – from a practical or a cultural standpoint. Speaking Spanish is a key factor in any
successful integration here, with locals warmly welcoming and appreciating all of your

Driving in Patagonia

Argentina is a huge country, so owning or renting a car is a must! This can be more complex
than in many other countries globally, so our team is at hand to advise you on your best
option. La Montaña carefully considers the unique needs of each family in terms of
expectations and life-style. We can handle all of the administrative aspects of buying or
renting, including obtaining a Drivers Licence, if necessary.

Additional Help & Support

The La Montaña team also helps with:
Medical insurance; general insurance; residency permits; D.N.I. assistance with paper work
related to your move; furniture/appliance purchases; advice on travel with pets; establishing
and cancelling property leases; inventory checks; negotiating deposit returns; setting up
phone/mobile lines; disconnection of utilities; sports services; shopping; summer camps;
medical assistance; giving birth in Argentina; paperwork and local regulations; notaries and
lawyers; currency, banks and exchange; customs issues.

La Montaña Former Students Network

In addition to giving you full access to relocation team, we will connect you with our network
of former students who have successfully made the move to Bariloche. You will be able to
ask each of them first-hand about their experiences.


For more information, please, feel free to contact us using this link.





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Online Spanish Private Lessons

Learn Spanish Live Online: La Montaña Spanish School offers online Spanish Private courses that will allow you to learn Spanish live online with a native Spanish speaker teacher, according to your needs, at your own pace in the comfort of your place. See how:
  • Having a private instructor in real time.
  • Learning useful language as in real everyday situations: social life, work, leisure.
  • Personalizing the language acquisition focusing on the development of proficiency in the four basic communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Practicing conversation.
  • Learning more about our culture as a result of the information exchange.
  • Developing and enriching your Spanish vocabulary.
  • Knowing more about Grammar structures.
  • Practicing pronunciation.
  • Doing some homework to reinforce the learning points.

Who is this course for?

How do we do it

  • After taking a Placement test, we will design an online course according to the student needs.
  • This is a live online course. This means 60 minutes interacting with our Spanish teachers.
  • Lessons are one-on-one (one student and one instructor, unless you would like to add another person).
  • Student and instructor will use Whatsapp/Hangouts/Skype to communicate.
  • The whiteboard is the screen.
  • You set own pace. We suggest one hour per sesion, two or three times per week.
  • Materials as a complement for your lesson are sent after each class.
Special March May - June 2020: 10 hours: $200
Former students special price: 10 hours $180







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