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Volunteer Programs

We have been organizing opportunities in Patagonia for many years as a complement for our Spanish programs. For our students, this has been a great way to improve conversational Spanish skills.
We have selected a variety of interesting possible volunteer placements in Patagonia, meaningful for the local community.
La Montaña also offers training for white-collar and professional careers in Bariloche.

Volunteer and community service in Patagonia


This project is an initiative from La Montaña together with the Bariloche county and takes place in different community centers in Bariloche, which are chosen according to the volunteer profile, background and interests. These community centers are public and free, so we might find children from different social classes. This project is mainly focused on education, recreation and after-class support. Each class might have 10-20 primary students.


The mission of La Montaña is to offer new educational options for children, inspiring the development of new skills, keeping them away from the streets and protecting them from child labor in a way that is beneficial for the kids, their families and the local society. The volunteer projects offer benefits to the community, while the volunteers gain experience in their working field and offering a service with a positive impact on the local community.

Volunteer Positions

Volunteers can be engaged in the following positions:

1- Volunteer as an English Teacher:

a) English Teacher. b) English Teacher Assistant.

Tasks: Teaching English to 7-13 years old children at Primary School. Preparing workshops and other events where English practice can take place.

Schedule: This position needs a minimun stay of 3 months and openings are every March and every August. Just a few positions available. If you are interested, save your spot here.

2- Volunteer as a Workshop Teacher:

a) Workshop Teacher. b) Workshop Teacher Assistant.

Volunteers will be engaged in the following tasks: Preparing Workshop program, Organizing workshop.

3- Volunteer as a Gardener, horticulturist and nursery man:

a) Gardener and horticulturist: Helping the school with daily tasks, seasonal tasks and specialty tasks. Growing vegetables for pupil´s meals.

Daily tasks:
Help is needed in the maintenance of:
Vegetable garden: As part of the school program, teachers and parents have designed an ECO-HUERTA (Eco-Garden) where children can grow their own vegetables, flowers and fruits. this area
Green garden: seedlings, tomatoes and a few more need special care, so they are kept in a Green garden.
Native Flora Protection: native trees seedlings are grown in order to re-forest the area.
Seasonal tasks:
Help is needed for:

Collecting apples
Preparing jam for children together with school parents
Pruning and preparing trees for winter
Specialty tasks:
Maintenance of the facilities
Workshops for children
Workshops for parents

b) Nursery man: help growing native trees.

Collecting native trees seeds and taking care of the growing process.
Seedling for tomatoes and other special species.


Why volunteering?

  • Help People & Make an Impact.
  • Improve your Spanish.
  • Get to know Argentine Culture.
  • Get Work Experience and Contacts.
  • Have an Unforgettable Experience

Volunteering requirements

  • 100% Commitment.
  • Intermediate/Advanced Level of Spanish.
  • CV and motivation letter.
  • Interview with project coordinator.
  • Minimum 4 weeks.
  • Pay the program fee.