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Multi-destination Courses

Continue learning Spanish in one of our partner schools in Argentina, Chile, Peru or Bolivia
We can create a combination program for you where you continue with the same learning process in 2 or more destinations. We partner with carefully selected schools in the most popular destinations in Argentina and Latin America.


Buenos Aires

If you are looking to combine beautiful nature and outdoor activities in Bariloche with a bit of city life, tango and culture, then our combination program with Buenos Aires is the best fit for you.The birthplace of the tango is, like the dance itself, captivating, seductive and bustling with excited energy. Atmospheric old neighborhoods are rife with romantic restaurants and thumping nightlife, and Buenos Aires' European heritage is evident in its architecture, boulevards and parks. Our partner schools in Buenos Aires are located in the best and safest neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta. The flight from Bariloche to Buenos Aires is 2h and there are more than 5 flights daily. You can also travel by bus - Via Bariloche operates comfortable coaches every day and our students get discounts on Bus tickets.


Known best for its wine, Mendoza is a bustling city to the east of Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. Although it draws its share of adventure travelers, lured by the climbing, skiing, hiking and rafting opportunities within an easy drive of downtown, the area's more than 1,000 vineyards bring oenophiles in even greater numbers. At our school in Mendoza you can combine your Spanish lessons with wine tours, wine tasting and food pairing. Mendoza is located 1280 km north from Bariloche and there are flights 2 times per week and buses daily.

Ushuaia - Tierra de Fuego

If you want to continue your trip south, the world's southernmost city is located on the Beagle Channel, between the Martial Range and the end of the world. It is a key access point to skiing at Cerro Castor and Glaciar Martial, wildlife adventures with penguins and orcas in the Beagle Channel, and Tierra del Fuego National Park. Of course, it's also the port of call nearest Antarctica, and a unique destination for kayaking, sailing or having a drink in a warm hotel bar.


The second largest city in Argentina, located 700 km from Buenos Aires and 1588km from Bariloche.Called the Heartland of Argentina for its location in the geographical center of the country, Córdoba has a strong colonial history blending with modern economic growth. Our partner school in Córdoba is located 10 min walking from the center,in the bohemian neighborhood Güemes, known as the San Telmo of Córdoba.


Salta is the second most populated city in the northwest of Argentina with 619,000 inhabitants. It is located in the Lerma Valley, at 1,152 metres (3780 feet) above sea level. It is the capital city of the Salta province. Salta is the city which has preserved its colonial architecture the best. The city centre features a number of impressive buildings dating back to the 18th and 19th and early 20th centuries as well. It is famous in Argentina for having warm and dry very pleasant weather. Students will have the chance to visit jesuitic buildings and enjoy colonial baroque art.



Deep in the Patagonian Andes, Pucon is a picture perfect town just a few hours drive from Bariloche. A great base for adventure vacations, Pucon is full with visitors during summer months: December, January and February. Climb the famous Villarica volcano, hop between hot and cold thermal pools or take the reigns of Criollo horses to explore the Andes on horseback. For other expeditions, rent a car or mountain bike. Our partner school in Pucón is situated in the center of the town, 3 blocks from the lake shore and offers a beautiful view of the volcano Villarica.


Santiago - the capital of Chile, is one of those metropolitan joys where the more you look, the more you find. Funky cafes and dance clubs dot Bellavista, Forest Park art collections range from pre-Columbian to contemporary, and architecture runs the gamut from the 16th-century San Francisco Church to mirrored office towers. Shop with the locals at Mall Panora¡mico and give your palate meals to remember with hearty Chilean fare.

Puerto Varas

The city is well known for its German traditions, its food, its fish and seafood, the natural environment, and 5 star hotels. Only 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Puerto Montt, located on the shore of the Llanquihue Lake, one of the largest natural lakes in South America. The perfect cone of Osorno Volcano and the snowcapped peaks of Mt. Calbuco and Mt. Tronador are clearly visible from the lakefront. Our partner school is very centrally located in a beautiful house and offers great accommodation options as well.



Lima, founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, is a fascinating city and a treasure trove of history. Explore ancient Incan archeological sites, or stroll through the elegant cathedrals and opulent palaces dating from Spanish colonial times. You will enjoy exploring the city's neighborhoods-especially the beachfront areas, which have great shopping, Peruvian cuisine dining and fabulous hotels. Try ceviche and Pisco sour! Our partner school is located in Miraflores - one of the best neighborhoods in the city.


Cusco is one of the most desired travel destinations in Peru and mostly known for Machu Picchu. Incan majesty and Andean baroque exist side-by-side in Cusco's stone streets, epitomized by the Qoriacancha palace and the church of Santo Domingo flanking the Plaza de Armas. In this high-altitude melting pot of Amerindian and mestizo culture, you'll find extraordinary textiles, lively summer festivals and archeological wonders.



Sucre also known historically as Charcas, La Plata and Chuquisaca (population 247,300 in 2006) is the constitutional capital of Bolivia and the symbolic heart of the nation. Located in the south-central part of the country, Sucre lies at an elevation of 2810 m. This relatively high altitude gives the city a cool temperate climate year-round. Sucre remains the seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Bolivia while having a rich, varied history and a wealth of historical architecture deserving of the selection as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Sucre, the constitutional capital and home of the Supreme Court, is also a university city, with many cultural attractions, museums, shops, restaurants.


Multidestination Course Facts

  • Tailor-made city-combinations.
  • Assistance in transportation choice.
  • Discounts in bus tickets.
  • Levels: Beginner to Advanced.
  • Duration: min 1 week.
  • Available all year round.
  • Classes begin every Monday.

What is included?

  • In Bariloche: Welcome pack and on site orientation.
  • Spanish Course Materials.
  • 3 After-Class Activities.
  • Coffee, Tea and Snacks.
  • Local Discounts and Benefits.
  • Wi-Fi and Internet Access.
  • Each school will have different conditions.