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La Montaña offers training for white-collar and professional careers in Bariloche. Interns may be college or university students, high school students, or post-graduate adults. Positions can be either paid or unpaid and are usually temporary.

The internship will consist of an exchange of service for experience between the student and local organizations. Through our internships students can improve their Spanish skills, decide whether they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts or gain school credits.

Our interns can choose from several positions or work conditions, and La Montaña can also organize accommodation and Spanish lessons for them as a guarantee of full cultural immersion.

Internship online patagoniaInternships online at La Montaña Spanish School.

Internships are traditionally one of the most popular ways to try out a potential career path and get real-life work experience. La Montaña has organised several different programs, combining different kind of interests and backgrounds among prospective Interns and Companies.

Patagonia and Bariloche have been so far an excellet setting for our programs and at the moment, our biggest challenge is offering the same quality and level of quality of programs online.

Many graduates and students are finding it difficult to make plans a few weeks or months ahead. Organizations providing Internship opportunities are not an exception. The spread of the new coronavirus has disrupted regular routines and upcoming plans on a global scale. During 2020/2021 applying for summer internships may feel strange or far more challenging than expected.

On the other hand, Universities are being more open-minded to make sure students’ academic progress is not disadvantaged and some of them are including Online Internships as an option.

A key message that La Montaña wants to give is that being an effective remote worker is going to be a ‘necessary to have’ in the future, so why not give a try?

Showing that we can be productive in our jobs remotely, internships will also be seen as the same. In the future, work will be less about the hours and more about the outcomes, this means that future employers will acknowledge those interns who were able to prove their mettle and gain valuable experience nonetheless during Covid-19 shutdown.

At the moment, La Montaña is offering two different positions online which can be continued in person once travelling is possible:

1 Marketing and Social Media. Creator of contents.

1 Language school managment.

If you are interested in any of these Internship options, please, contact us