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About us

Our history

La Montaña is the leading Spanish school in Bariloche and Patagonia with long traditions and experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and organizing Spanish Immersion Programs. It is a legally constituted private language centre operating since 2002, year-round in permanent premises with 7 classrooms, while offering courses and formulas for more than 8 levels with flexibility to meet students' needs. La Montaña provides course counselling, properly checked accommodation and varied social activities and it meets the standards of Ministerio de Turismo de la República Argentina. La Montaña is a registered school and a member of AACELE.

"At our Spanish school, the philosophy of tailor-made, one-to-one courses is applied to small group classes" Verónica Leone, Director and Founder of Spanish in Bariloche.

About the Director

Veronica Leone is the Director and the heart and soul of the school. She graduated at Universidad de Rosario and later moved to Bariloche and founded Spanish in Bariloche. After her ten-year career as a Spanish teacher and Director, Veronica founded Fundacion de los Lagos, where she now runs locally sustainable educational and volunteer programs. In 2012 she merged La Montaña and Spanish in Bariloche, and since then is dedicated to providing the best language and cultural experience for our students. In addition to teaching Spanish and leading her Spanish teachers and administration team, Veronica is a regular contributor to AACELE and several NGO and government projects. She recently worked on a cultural and educational program through which her organization obtained a Province of Rio Negro award. For inquires, direct contact, payments and tailor-made Spanish lessons contact +54 2944318230
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Our teaching team

Our teachers are all native speakers, specializing in teaching Spanish as a second language. Our young and energetic team constantly supervised by Director Veronica Leone, always work together towards improving the quality of our service and maximizing the learning experience of each student.

Apart from teaching Spanish, each member of our team has different passions and hobbies - outdoor sports, art, wine, cinema, photography, music, acting, cooking, and more. This diversity brings a lot of interesting topics into the classroom so students learn not just a language but a lot of interesting facts about the culture and beauty of Bariloche and Argentina.

Our teachers come from different areas:

  • BA in Philosophy and Arts
  • Philosophy and Arts students in the last year
  • Translators
  • English teachers
  • Portuguese teachers

In all cases, our teachers are trained at La Montaña both by our coordinators and guest teachers via our Professional development workshops.

Guest teachers are from the University of Rio Negro (UNRN) and Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) making sure our teaching methods and standards are at the necessary academic level.

Observation center for University students

La Montaña and Fundación de los Lagos work closely with Universidad de Rio Negro (UNRN) in order to help and encourage the UNRN students to specialize in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. For this, our school became an observation center for prospective Spanish Teachers who regularly observe our classes as part of their university curricula.

Open Library for Spanish teachers

Along with our Spanish teachers training courses, Fundación de los Lagos and La Montaña are developing the first Open Library for Spanish Teachers in Patagonia. At La Montaña facilities, any Spanish teacher can borrow or read books related to our specific field. All the material is organized according to different categories: Spanish Grammar and teaching methods, Books for teaching Spanish, Complementary Materials. Periodically, we will be posting suggested topics of interest for Spanish teachers and the bibliography where they can find more information.