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5 best indoor climbing spots in Bariloche.

Bariloche is known for being one of the most popular areas for rock climbing, which is an ideal activity when weather conditions are good. As any mountain landscape, there are some cold and rainy days along the year and sometimes it is difficult to plan outdoor activities.


These days are perfect for students that after their Spanish lessons want to practice indoor sports. Our city offers a wide range of indoor climbing centers walk-distance from La Montaña Spanish School:


- Bariloche Climbing Center (Av. Pioneros 35)

- Bloque Onas (Onas 5623)

- Club Andino Bariloche (Av. Bustillo 9500)

- La Luna Muro (Av. Bustillo 7459)

- Maquinódromo (Moreno 1052)


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Treat yourself after your Spanish Course at La Montaña and enjoy the best chocolate ever!! Traditional chocolaterias and cafes are open all day to enjoy delicious specialities in chocolate and cakes. Set your chocolate-tasting plan including a visit the museum of chocolate, hot chocolate in one of Bariloche’s famous artisanal chocolate stores and taste sample chocolate bars offered in each one. We highly recommend Mamuschka or Rapanui (in calle Mitre, 5 minutes walk from school.)
By the way... Easter in Bariloche can be a Chocoholic dream...!!!!


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After your Spanish lessons, it is nice to relax and practice with fellow students while tasting a craft beer in one of the several (almost 15) local micro breweries. These have been producing micro-brewed beer in Bariloche for a long time, but specially during the last 15 years many new micro breweries run by young enthusiastic “barilochenses” have been opened.
1. Manush: Located in an old bavarian-style house in Bariloche, is the place to sample the line of craft beer made in Bariloche. There is a variety of dishes to sample with their famous beers. Taste Victoria!
2. Berlina: Berlina's stout (dark beer) is highly reccommended by the most demanding beer sommeliers. However, this suggestion is also for two other varieties: Munich and India. The three of them make up a trilogy. 
3. Antares: Antares is present in Bariloche as the branch factory marplatense Brew.
4. Konna: It is a cozy, easy going pub   very popular with the locals.
5. Bachmann: A small factory Brew. You can also taste local cuisine, pizzas and snacks.
6. Blest: the most traditional, first and orignal micro brewery in Bariloche. Test Stout!



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