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Our family had an ideal vacation studying Spanish at La Montaña in Bariloche!!

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Our family had an ideal vacation studying spanish at La Montaña in Bariloche -- it was fun, relaxing, and culturally enriching.  It is wonderful for the whole family to study spanish together, and we have greatly improved our skills with the language. 

What´s more, it took almost no effort to arrange this vacation. We simply found the school, made the reservation, and showed up at our homestay.  The home-stay was an absolutely lovely experience.  We were very happy with our warm and welcoming hostess, and we stayed in a very comfortable home with a beautiful view of the lake and mountains.  We ate great food, we felt very well cared-for, and we were able to relax with our children.  This is a vacation in itself!

The facilities and the staff at La Montaña were very accommodating as well.  We greatly enjoyed the classes and excursions. 

Finally, it was very helpful that Victoria, the travel agent, came to the school (and again later to our homestay) to help us plan the final week of our vacation here in Patagonia.  We had very little time to make plans before coming here because we are so busy in our lives back home.  Thanks to Victoria´s help, once we were done with classes for the week, we were able to enjoy the adventures and natural beauty of Patagonia because she planned all of the adventures, transportation, and accommodations for us.  She also gave us helpful and frank advice about which excursions would work for the children and which would not.

This has been a first-rate experience for our whole family.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you!

Barbara, from Seattle.