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It is a great enthusiastic Spanish School

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"I went to Veronica's Spanish School, SpanishinBariloche. In SpanishinBariloche, Veronica tries to get her students to learn in different ways. We don't just sit in a classroom going over imperfect verbs. We do fun things like taking a cooking class or a salsa lesson. My favorite was when my family and I went to La Granja (The farm). It was a wonderful experience to see what a farm in Argentina is like. It was also a great place to try argentine customs, like mate. Mate is a very strong tea that looks like spinach in a a goard. At the granja, you also get to milk cows, feed pigs, chase sheep, plant in the garden, make cheese or dulce de leche, and have a conversation with Cris and Alex (the owners of the farm) in Spanish. I love the way Veronica has taken teaching Spanish to a fun, new level."
Carter Ware, EEUU, Age 12.
"Hello, my name is Roxie and I was a student at this school "Spanish in Bariloche. It is a great enthusiastic Spanish School. My teacher was a funny, nice, active person that was always ready to play lots of games. One of my favorite things we did was the play "Hansel and Gretel". I was Gretel, the mom, the dad and the squirrel that they meet in the forest. Carter, my sister, was the witch, the rat in the forest and Hansel. Our teacher helped out setting it up and making the characters. We played it for our parents and the other teachers. It was sad to see our teacher leave on our last day because we had so much fun!"
Roxie Ware, EEUU, Age 10.
"Veronica has done a great job of working with us and meeting our varied educational needs."
Latane Ware, EEUU.