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Spanish programs for families

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"I am from Argentina but married a US citizen with very little fluency in Spanish which is why our kids (10 and 14) never spoke my language much. I sent them to La Montaña hoping they could make up for lost time. The results were amazing!

I was concerned that they would miss us (they were gone for little over a month) and be upset that we sent them to school on their summer break. Both were unfounded. The first class they had they came back so excited and said it was so much fun and the classes were catered to each of their interests and they remained engaged for the duration.
Liam came back fluent (some errors on tenses and gender of words) but fluent! He didn’t speak more than a few words when he left and placed on Spanish 3-4 honors! More importantly I can now speak to my kid in my language and he understands what I say. Almost brought tears to my eyes.
Nick (10) came back less fluent than Liam (he is less daring to say something if he isn’t sure it will be accurate) but understands when I speak and I can’t wait for him to continue learning. What he learned surprised me as well as he is a tricky learner.

Veronica went way above and beyond by organizing their stay with a great couple!  Adapting her classes so that our kids could go to ski team, helping us organize a car service for this effort, pick-up, drop-offs, things completely outside the scope of the school. She made this whole experience one that I hope to be able to repeat and would be happy to talk and highly recommend to anyone who is planning on doing this.