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What to do in Bariloche? Tasting craft beer at Micro breweries (Cervecerías)

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After your Spanish lessons, it is nice to relax and practice with fellow students while tasting a craft beer in one of the several (almost 15) local micro breweries. These have been producing micro-brewed beer in Bariloche for a long time, but specially during the last 10 years many new micro breweries run by young enthusiastic “barilochenses” have been opened.


Spanish school Bariloche brewery


At the moment there are around 15 different breweries, with their own  space:

Manush, La Cruz, Berlina, Yeska, Gilbert, Blest, Windmill, Bachmann…

Almost 20 local producers are offering craft beer via local restaurants, bars and pubs in the area. Just ask for “cerveza artesanal” at any restaurant and you will find an interesting list of “amber nectar” and other colours. You can get them both, bottled or draught.

In 2014 Bariloche celebrated the 3rd anual beer festival which take place every December http://www.beerart.com.ar/, having 14 different stands of different regional craft beers.

During Summer you can enjoy “el paseo de las picadas” the best way to taste fresh beer in a musical atmosphere on the streets. Local bands playing outdoors and a wide range of beers with some "picadas", will be an excellent option to practice Spanish while interacting with locals and learning more about our culture.

This tradition is part of the many evidences of the bavarian influence in South Patagonia that you will find while exploring Bariloche.

Come and join us next time we go out for a beer with our students!


  Berlina  Manush

Gabrielle, from the US


Rachel, from Canada

Penny y Roberto de UK

Jesse and Leslie, from Seattle

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