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Travel with a Purpose - Volunteer in Patagonia

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Studies show that we learn best in nature. We intuitively know nature makes us happy. At La Montaña Spanish School, we are offering something unique- to learn Spanish in outstanding nature, which means to learn language in a new light.
So, why did you decide to make the leap and study Spanish in the first place? If you are someone who wants to not only learn Spanish but travel with a purpose, then La Montaña can provide you with the perfect opportunity to become immersed in intentional travel.

While learning Spanish and experiencing the beautiful nature of Bariloche, there are opportunities in which you can become involved to further practice your Spanish and help the community and environment.

Not to mention gaining experience in volunteer work, you will receive discounts on Spanish classes when you realize that this opportunity is exactly what you’ve been looking for while traveling and learning a new language.

(Bariloche’s Recyclers Association)

La Montaña’s ideals
~Vision: to become more
environmentally aware to combat
excessive waste

~Mission: to collect waste that is
then recovered to be sent to
Buenos Aires and recycled

Bariloche’s Recyclers Association is a driven, environmental organization that seeks and welcomes the engagement from La Montañas’ volunteers who are passionate and motivated to make an impact.

When you decide that traveling with a purpose is the route you wish to take, getting involved with La Montaña’s volunteer work mission is an excellent way to pursue this.

This includes tasks carried out by volunteers:

Experience in an environmental project
Practicing Spanish in a cultural immersion
Gaining contacts in a new community as well as meeting new people (partnering with hostels, companies, schools, and discovering ways to help with transportation of recycled goods)

La Montaña is a “green” school and is involved in enhancing social and environmental responsibilities in the community. You will become a participant in spreading the word of the importance to make an impact on our environment through purposeful and meaningful service.
Here is a little more information about Bariloche’s Recyclers Association, so you can begin to think about your volunteer project and make an impact.

You separate the waste at home, your company or your work. Then we recover that waste and they are sent on their way to Buenos Aires to be recycled!

How can we help to take better care of our planet?
First, we can start by reducing the amount of garbage that you generate

Separate your waste, especially the dry products

Try to use reusable containers

Bring a reusable bag with you to the grocery store

Prevent animals from breaking your bags

Lastly, you can join the campaign “vehicle for recyclers,” which is used for collection in companies and neighborhood associations
You can purchase bags for recycling purposes

../IMG_4142.JPG   ../IMG_9730.JPG
The production process of the Recyclers Association: separating papers, bottles (blue and green), cartons, and more items that need to be separated before sent off to be recycled in Buenos Aires.

../IMG_1095.JPG   ../IMG_9108.JPG

../IMG_1424.JPG   ../IMG_2765.JPG

../IMG_2919.JPG   ../IMG_4488.JPG
La Montaña Spanish School gaining empathy at the Recyclers Association to better understand how we can help make a difference in the efforts to properly recycle and combat waste issues in beautiful Bariloche.

So, if you are ready to create your path of traveling with a purpose, La Montaña will guide you with the step in the right direction to get involved in this meaningful journey. If you would like to build up your Spanish or brush up your Spanish language skills before you start your volunteer program you can have a look at our Online Courses which, on top of the Spanish learning include interesting cultural information that will help you understanding the locals from a cultural perspective.

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