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How to choose the best Spanish School.

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  1. Decide what is your favorite location in the world where you would like to enjoy your time while having Spanish lessons.
  2. Do some research and find out what are the options concerning Spanish Schools available in your chosen place. 
  3. Make sure the websites you visit are really Spanish Schools and in case you notice it is an agent, try to find the website for the real school.
  4. Try to contact former students, or check first hand opinions about your chosen Spanish School. Most of them have some testimonials on FBK, Tripadvisor, Google, etc.
  5. Make sure posts on FBK, Tripadvisor, Google, Instagram, etc. are recent... sometimes they have ages!
  6. If you are alredy on site, it is a good idea to go in person to check the Spanish School.
  7. Ask about the teaching method, philosophy, number of students per class, extra curricular activities, volunteer projects or/and internships and make sure these match your interests and needs.
  8. Explore the options they offer for accommodation, such as homestays, hostels, etc.
  9. Compare the prices for Spanish courses with other Spanish Schools. Make sure you compare similar products. For example, some schools offer 25 hours per week but each hour is 45 minutes, while other schools offer 20 hours per week and each hour is 55 minutes.
  10. Follow your instincs, if you liked at first sigh, you might like it later.

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