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Spanish courses for kids in Bariloche

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At La Montaña Spanish school all kids are welcome! This course is also available online! See Spanish for kids online.

La Montaña offers special courses for kids, specifically designed by teachers with a vast experience in teaching children. 

The school team work together designing special Spanish lessons for kids. These unique programs include parents' feedback and coolaboration by practicing with kids during the rest of the day.

Even for youngest kids, La Montaña will not be a simply child care, thus will tend to desing efficient programs in terms of learning precise vocabulary and expressions.

Hands on experience, children will have the chance to learn grammar, vocabulary and expressions by learning how to play instruments, drawing, cooking, painting, etc.

Also, some brief excursions along the city will help them understanding the cultural differences and learning about the area.

For memorising words, verbs and the correct use of vocabulary while having fun, Spanish teachers have a wide range of songs to play, act and dance.


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