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Save money! Use our reccommended ATMs around La Montaña

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Save money! Use our reccommended ATMs around La Montaña

When you need to withdrawal money in Argentina some of them will charge up to 7% of the amount you are taking. If you use the ATMs we have marked on this article you will only pay 5%. It is also important that you try in different machines at the ATMs terminal. Some of the machines will only accept national cards and will show random messages when introducing international cards. This means no problem for you. You only need to try in different machines until you find one where your card is accepted. Using Red Link you will pay half the fees you would pay by using Red Banelco.

As you may know, many shops will offer interesting discounts when paying cash, so it is good to know where to find the cheapest ATMs in town.
In this map of Bariloche we have marked the closest reccommended ATMs to our school. There is also one at the Airport.

Gabrielle, from the US


Rachel, from Canada

Penny y Roberto de UK

Jesse and Leslie, from Seattle