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Escuela de español en Bariloche - programas para familias

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Escuela de español en Bariloche - programas para familias

Spanish language programs for families.


World-class educators, excellent facility, great experience


For most of 2017, my wife and I spent much of our free time planning a semester-long journey through South America for our family of five, including three kids from ages 8 to 12. We are now in month three of this life-changing journey, and it is time to step back and say thank you to La Montaña for the incredible support they gave us in the critical first month of our trip. We set four goals for this journey: 1. Improve our Spanish language skills, 2. Go deep on the history of indigenous cultures and the impacts of colonialism, 3. Spend more time together, and 4. Experiment with unschooling. 


My wife and I, both educators, felt pretty good about tackling 2 through 4, but we really needed to trust a partner on the language instruction. We spent months looking for a place to spend our critical first month doing intensive Spanish language study. 


Could we find a place that could meet a wide range of learning needs that we didn´t really know how to diagnose well on our own? From my wife, a rookie with no formal Spanish study, to three kids with between 2 and 5 years of Spanish immersion, to me, who majored in Spanish language, lived in Spain twice, but who hadn’t spoken much at all for more than 20 years (Rusty doesn´t even begin to explain where I was) we were really unsure if we could get the right help from one school. Could we find a place that would help the kids feel at home after a big disruption in their day to day routine? Could we make this work in a schedule that still gave us time to explore the outdoors and get started on studying indigenous people groups? 


Could we find a school that could serve kids and adult learners? After incredibly thoughtful conversations with Veronica about our unique needs and her thoughtful diagnosis of our pre-screening surveys, we made the biggest decision of the trip and booked a full month of classes at 


La Montaña. It was the right call, for sure. Veronica and her team were remarkably responsive to our unique needs, crafting a custom schedule for the five of us before we arrived, making special plans for the kids, tweaking plans for each of us, tuning homework, and keeping us updated on what was next. 


La Montaña became our home away from home, and we appreciated more and more each week the care everyone on the team took responding not just to us, but to an incredibly wide range of learners from all over the world. As an educator, I was deeply impressed with the skills Veronica and Sasha brought to each class I attended. 


We all also appreciated the sincere investments they made each week building school-wide culture; the offsite excursions and happy hour events were great ways to meet folks we remain in touch with today. This is a strong team, a strong school, and a gorgeous location to study the Spanish language. 


Thanks to the entire La Montaña team for taking care of us and giving us a deep foundation in Spanish language that has given us the language foundation and confidence to transform us from disconnected tourists into fluent and humble travelers.


Matt C. New Orleans.

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