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5 top things to do during Ski season in Bariloche

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San Carlos de Bariloche is without any doubts the most beautiful place to enjoy nature and skiing in Southamerica, if not in the world! Staying in this picturesque town during ski season will probably not be enough to fully discover this unique area.


There are so many things you can enjoy before or after your day in the slopes!

Continue reading if you want to know more about the best spots to visit and things to do while in Bariloche as well as how to save significant sums of money on sightseeing and restaurants in Bariloche.

1) Trekking and Sighseeing: You can hire an excursion but of course you can do many things just taking public transportation. Bariloche is endeed, very well connected, you can easily get from town center to nature paradise in a few minutes. See the list of places you can visit and the bus you need to take:
Cerro Campanario. Bus number 20. 20' ride.
Parque Municipal Llao Llao: Bus number 20. 35' ride.
Lago Gutierrez: Bus number 50. 35' ride.

2) Micro-breweries: if you like beer, ski season will not give enough time to sample the wide variety of handicraft beers you can find in Bariloche. Again, just using public transportation you can get to the most reknown breweries. They offer different kind of dishes you can enjoy as well. Very affordable. See our suggestions:
Cervecería Manush
Cervecería Blest
Cervecería Berlina
Cervecería Konna
Cervecería Dublin
Cervecería Santino
Cervecería Patagonia (we have added this one because it is a great place, but beer is not handicraft)

3) Chocolaterias: Bariloche is very well know because of the excellence of its chocolates. Many of the chocolate factories have obtained awards son tasting some of them is a MUST DO. Most chocolaterias are in town center of Bariloche, and here you can finds our list:
Rapa Nui 
El Turista
Estrella Alpina (in Km 6)

4) Ice cream: Bariloche is heaven for ice-cream lovers.  Together with chocolaterias, ice-creams are a MUST DO. Some of the shops can offer more than 150 different flavors. See our list:
Helados Jauja
Helados Mamushka
Helados Rapa Nui

5) Spanish lessons: People in Bariloche is open and friendly. However, getting around might get hard if you don't have any idea of Spanish because just a few can speak English. Taking some Spanish lessons is then a good option. (If you already know some Spanish, maybe you would like to brush up your Spanish skills before arrival with our Online Spanish lessons.) You can combine your skiing schedules with lessons and make the most of your time in Patagonia Andes.
La Montaña Spanish School offers a wide variety of options you can choose according to your time and interests. Address Elflein 251, 2nd floor.

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