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Study Abroad in Patagonia

Students at La Montaña  have the opportunity to earn undergraduate language credit from a regionally accredited, public institution in the US – while participating in intensive study of Spanish with our Spanish Program for Study Abroad.
Learn more about it:
Can I earn College Credits towards my degree with your Spanish Courses?
Yes, all our students can earn College Credits towards with your Spanish Courses. Students can earn College/University credits through or Study Abroad Program.

Can I get Financial Aid for it?
We can also help with Financial Aid.

How can I schedule my study?
Our Spanish students may schedule their study for any time of the year  and may receive between three and 17 semester hours of language credit per fall, spring or summer study abroad term. The number of credits a student is seeking determines the minimum number of weeks the student must study in order to meet one of the requirements for credit – generally, successful completion of at least one week of intensive language study per credit hour requested.

Will the school help me with any other issues?
In addition to providing intensive language instruction, we arrange pick-up at the airport, room and board, and activities for the students. Our Spanish School is located in city center and housed in beautiful, historic, building located close to bus systems, bars, restaurantes, and shops. Students may borrow books, videos or music CDs from the school library and can access e-mail and Internet free of charge.

What will the Immersion Program be like?
Students who select our Spanish School for their immersion language experience will receive good value for their money. After arrival in Bariloche, our students are placed into individualized language classes at the appropriate level of study based on their academic background and level of ability in Spanish. Meeting in small groups led by highly qualified instructors who specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, all courses focus on the development of communication skills and emphasize oral proficiency. At La Montana - Spanish in Bariloche, students receive intensive language and cultural experiences that include a minimum of 20 hours of instruction per week and include activities that offer opportunities to interact with native speakers and to learn about the local culture.

How will I be in contact with the local culture?
City and museum tours, trips to neighboring towns, group dinners, dance lessons, cooking classes, and travel to cultural and historical sites in the region are just some of the extracurricular activities available to highlight specific cultural aspects and help students experience the culture surrounding the language they are learning. Students are encouraged to live with a local host family in order to interact with native speakers and to learn the culture first hand.

Which courses are accepted for College Credits?
All our courses are accepted for College Credits: Intensive, Super Intensive and our Special courses as well.

I am interested, what is the next step?
If you are interested in earning College Credits with our Spanish Language Programs for Study Abroad in Bariloche, please email us


Academic References in the US:

Since 2002 we have set different agreements with Universities and Schools in the US.

We are Partner Language Institute for Brookhaven College Multinational Academic Program for Study Abroad.

These are some of the schools and universities we have worked:

·      Ross School, NY 

·      Martin Luther College, Minnesotta

·      University of Minnesota 

·      Unschool Adventures

·      Berkshire School 

·      Principia College


Course Facts

  • Program: 20h per week.
  • Levels: Beginner to Advanced.
  • Max Group Size: 6.
  • Schedule: 9am-1pm.
  • Duration: min 1 week.
  • Available all year round.
  • Classes begin every Monday.

What is included?

  • Welcome pack and on-site orientation.
  • Spanish Course Materials.
  • 3 After-Class Activities.
  • Coffee, Tea and Snacks.
  • Local Discounts and Benefits.
  • Wi-Fi and Internet Access.
  • Free Airport Pick Up for courses of two weeks or more