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Spanish Lessons in Bariloche during Pandemic.

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Type of classes:

Classes are private or semi-private.

1 lesson = 55 minutes.

1 lesson per week

2 lessons per week

3 lessons per week

10 lessons pack $200 (american dollars) 

Special discounts for students taking long term courses.


Lessons can be held outdoor when the weather is good or we have two different spaces for lesson in person: 

In town

In Villa los Coihues. (Lago Gutierrez)

Cultural Activities: (small groups)

History/Cultural explore tours in town (outdoor)


Cooking lessons

CELU exam preparation. Next Exam date is Novembre 2021.

We use Google Drive as a whiteboard, so you will need your laptop or mobile during the lessons.

Already know some Spanish? 

Test your current Spanish level taking our Placement test.

Check out our  Resources for Spanish Students.